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The Answer Resides Inside All Sound

Everything and everyone has a frequency. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of listening to find inspiration from the natural rhythms of life.

Tarias and the Sound is the musical brainchild of me, Minnesota's own Anthony Omodt-Lopez. Utilizing my roots in the blues and musical theatre, as well as a Gen. Z perspective on the world, I hope to create a unique and resonant experience for my listeners. 

Told from the perspective of an aging twentysomething in the 2020's, twentysomethings is TATS's debut full-length album. Consisting of 2 sides: Lunar Reflections/Solar Refraction, this record is an appraisal of the times we live in, a mourning of the world we lost, and a hopeful example of the future we still have yet to build. 

A rotation of some of the most talented up-and-coming musicians in Minneapolis, the live band that Tarias and the Sound brings to any given show is always sure to bring the house down.

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